Football sponsorship is one of the most effective marketing strategies for increasing brand awareness and arousing emotions. Sponsors can maximise their visibility and thus their ROI through creative activation that appeals precisely to the target group. But what is crucial for the success of a sponsorship activation?

The challenges of sponsorship activation

Sponsors can maximise their visibility and therefore their ROI through creative activation that addresses the target group precisely. However, many sponsors lack the necessary creativity - because this is the only way to attract fans. At the same time, in-house realisation is hardly possible due to a lack of capacity. And if these factors are not in place, how do you stand out from the competition? 

Experience shows that many sponsorship activations are very similar. That's why sponsors need innovative impulses to take their sponsorships to the next level

success THROUGH authentic emotions 

Authentic emotions that are linked to a brand enable a deeper and more lasting connection with the target group. The sponsor uses the emotions that fans already associate with their club and its stars for the activations. In this way, they can utilise the positive emotional world of football for their own benefit, helping them to achieve stronger positioning and greater visibility.

Why emotional sponsorship activations attract attention

Creative activations in social media in particular promise a high reach in the young target group. This social media content can strengthen a brand, attract new customers and ultimately increase sales. 

But attracting attention in social media and asserting yourself against other content remains the great art. What is clear, however, is that people share content that emotionalises them: Be it a funny format with their favourite player, an emotional piece of content with depth or simply atmospheric posts from the world of their own club.

However, this requires more than just a sponsor logo: creative ideas and authentic content are a must in order to activate premium rights!

Creative sponsorship activations with 11+media

Getting the most out of sponsorship activations is 11+media's mission as a creative football agency. In 13 years, we have realised hundreds of projects with partners and always promise success through passion: We guarantee the success of our partners through our passionate commitment to their goals!  

However, sponsorship activations only work if innovative ideas, authentic content and wide-reaching distribution are guaranteed. Our experienced creative unit therefore works closely with our partners to develop precisely the formats and campaigns that will win over the relevant market segment - and we also take care of content production. But our work doesn't end there: we take care of the distribution of the content to ensure that the videos reach the target group!

Take your sports sponsorship to the next level with us!