Football and streaming: new league concepts and the challenges in sports marketing

Football marketing experts are currently facing a revolution in traditional football, driven by innovative league concepts such as Gerard Piqué's "Kings League". This has already sparked enthusiasm in Spain and is now reaching Germany with the "Baller League" and the "Icon League", which will set new standards in digital content.

Streaming and football adventures as an opportunity

The Kings League surprises with dice games about the number of players, jokers used by coaches and goals counting twice. In Germany, the Baller League and the Icon League are now also relying on this adventurous format. Influencers as team presidents ensure reach, while the content is streamed via Twitch, YouTube and TikTok. Ex-professional footballers are on the pitch and offer everything the football streaming heart desires.

Baller League: Podolski and Hummels as crowd pullers

The Baller League, under the patronage of Lukas Podolski and Mats Hummels, promises not only exciting matches, but also an enormous reach. The combination of established football legends with digital influencers is setting new standards in Germany, especially online. The aim is to get young people excited about football and to break new ground.

Icon League: Toni Kroos and Eligella as trailblazers

The Icon League under Elias Nerlich (Eligella) and world champion Toni Kroos also promises innovation. Although the exact concept is not yet known, this league is likely to follow the successful approach of the Kings League and pave new paths in digital football, and numerous influencers have already been announced here too.

Changing media world: e-sports and streaming

The introduction of these leagues will bring about a change in the media landscape. Traditional TV broadcasts are giving way to digital streaming on platforms such as Twitch. Eligella and Trymacs have already paved the way with their influencer teams in the Berlin and Hamburg amateur football scene. Now the new leagues are revolutionizing the football concept even further.

Streaming in football as a content revolution

The way in which football content is consumed is undergoing a fundamental change. The Icon League, Baller League and Kings League use streaming instead of linear TV. This enables immediate fan participation in real time and opens up the opportunity for fans to actively comment on and shape the course of the game. With its free availability and accessibility for the young target group, streaming represents a real alternative and a new concept for football.

Focus on Football marketing: new opportunities and challenges

The emergence of these leagues is having a significant impact on sports marketing, too. Brands must increasingly engage with e-sports, streaming and digital content in order to effectively place their messages in these new arenas. The direct interaction of viewers creates unique opportunities for creative marketing approaches that go beyond traditional advertising methods.

The changing face of sports sponsorship

The shift of spectators to these new leagues also has implications for sponsorship in football. Traditional sponsors could increasingly choose innovative formats to increase their brand awareness. The Baller League and the Icon League are becoming attractive platforms for companies that want to present their products to a broad, digitally-savvy target group - an opportunity that 11+media is making the most of through our work.


Overall, these new football leagues not only point to changes on the pitch, but also show that the future of football will be more digital, interactive and innovative than ever before. Recognizing and adapting to these changes at an early stage could make companies pioneers in this new playing field - supported by 11+media with reliable consulting, innovative ideas and creative content!