From Sunday League to Champions League: Axel Möring and his Football Marketing Agency

In the world of sports business, professional sports marketing is crucial to stand out from the competition and achieve long-term success. As Germany's first Creative Football Agency, we develop customised strategies to strengthen brands in sport and inspire fans with high-quality content.

The Importance Of Football Marketing

Football is by far the most popular sport in the world and therefore offers sponsors a great stage. Thanks to our 13 years of experience in the sports industry, we at 11+media symbolise football. Founder and CEO Axel Möring himself played in all leagues from Sunday League to the semi-professional German “Regionalliga” and thus symbolises the passion that his 11+media lives in football marketing.

"We want to show football as it really is - positive, honest and passionate," emphasises Möring. That's why 11+media develops authentic and emotional formats that bring together and present the values of sponsors and clubs.

Sponsorship Activation As The Key To Success

Sponsorship activations are an essential component of a successful football marketing partnership. Here, 11+media uses its expertise not only to optimise the use of financial resources, but also to strengthen the reach and presence of sponsors in the long term. Targeted activations create long-term relationships and a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Connect With Fans Through Authentic Content 

Bonding with fans and potential target groups is promoted through high-quality content on various channels. Whether social media, websites or other platforms - creative and authentic content is at the centre of 11+media's efforts to inspire fans and strengthen the sponsor's brand presence.

Successful Sports Marketing - Maximum Reach

Team spirit is not only part of football on the pitch, but also in the field of sports marketing. Axel Möring and his team at 11+media demonstrate this through their professional work. "I owe football a lot", says Möring. This gratitude and passion are reflected in his work, which he carries out with dedication both on and off the pitch.

11+media offers comprehensive support for its partners. From analysing the market and developing individual football marketing strategies to the effective implementation of sponsorship activations - the dynamic team has the necessary know-how to operate successfully in the complex sports business. 

Our motto "Your success through our passion" is represented every day through our work, which combines a passion for football with absolute knowledge of the industry. Because characters, stories and emotions show the real football - just as Axel Möring and his 11+media have been doing for years.